I Feel privileged to welcome you all on the website of Sai Ram College of Education an institution where excellence is tradition.

Sai Ram College of Education aims to provide an exemplary stepping stone to the budding teacher’s future success, through a concrete grounding in requisite skills and knowledge, which is channelized towards striving for teaching excellence and for creating teachers to achieve individual transformation and social reformation to meet the challenging demands of society. The college provides a unique educational, modern and cultural environment to pursue ambitions, and acquire the skills, ideas and confidence to achieve goals, excel in the field of education and make teachers orchestrators of learning. Besides academic excellence, the college is committed to inculcate in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders. I firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a life long process.

Mr. Rajiv Garg
Secretary SRCE

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